Meet the Tazzy & Boo Team

Working alongside owners Lewella and Richard Long, there is a great teams of people

Lewella Long – CEO & Owner of Tazzy & Boo LLC

Lewella Long

Lewella was born in Braintree, Essex in the United Kingdom (although we are not going to say when but Kojak and Starsky & Hutch were big on the TV!). In fact Braintree gave its name to the towns of Braintree, Massachusetts and Braintree, Vermont in the United States!

Lewella studied at the Cambridge College of Agriculture and Horticulture from 1993 – 1995 and achieved several animal related vocational qualifications, including the completion of two phases of Small Animal Care through the UK National Examinations Board and two Certificates of Pet Store Management from City and Guilds of London.

In 2015, Lewella and her husband Richard sold their family business, as successful pet foods company in the United Kingdom and decided to move to North Carolina with their two daughters and of course their two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Tazzy & Boo!

Richard Long – CFO & Co-Owner of Tazzy & Boo LLC

Richard Long

Richard was born in Hertford Heath a village in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom where he lived for most of his childhood. In the 1990's UK recession, his father was made redundant from a Engineering firm where he had worked for many years. Following this, Richard's Father decided to follow his own passion for all things dogs and pretty much sold everything the family had and combined it with his redundancy money to buy a Boarding Kennels in a remote village in the Suffolk countryside.

This is where Richard became passionate about animals. When he left school, he decided to start a pet food delivery service. This developed over 20 years into a large internet pet food business called 'Berriewood Wholesale' and Richard gained an incredible knowledge in everything to do with pet nutrition and welfare. He eventually sold the business to a Canadian company in 2015 and with the knowledge and experience that he had gathered working in the pet industry for so many years, he decided to move to North Carolina to start Tazzy & Boo along with his wife Lewella, his two daughters and of course... Tazzy & Boo too!

Katelyn Wynn – Dog Bather

Katelyn WynnKatelyn was born and raised in Concord, North Carolina. She owns five beautiful dogs: Halo who is a Siberian husky, Bristol who is a German shepherd, Bella who is Shih Tzu and Dotson mix, Remington who is part Pit Bull and Boxer and then there is Rebel who is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

In her free time Katelyn enjoys watching the Cable Network LMN, curled up next to the puppies! Her whole life has been around animals from horses to cats and she has a love for all animals big and small!

Alex Benedict – Dog Groomer

Alex BenedictAlex has been grooming dogs since 2013 and is a member of the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers where he has been learning how to combine his love for art and grooming. This has given Alex extensive experience into safe ways to aesthetically groom dogs while looking after their fur and skin. Previously from Greensboro, NC, Alex now lives locally with his dog Zeke and cat Rue and spends what spare time he has painting and sculpting.

Laura Owens – Dog Groomer

Laura OwensBorn and raised in Lincolnton, NC, Laura has always been an 'animal person' no matter what she loves them all! After studying for several years to become a Veterinary Technician, Laura was suddenly taken by the grooming bug and after giving it a go realised that was her passion... it was a decision she has not looked back on! Laura lives with a very spirited Shih-Tzu named Jordy along I with 4 cats and when not grooming dogs she can be found photographing them which is another passion of hers.

Payton Thomas – Dog Groomer

Payton ThomasPayton has been a Professional Dog Groomer for her entire career and has a true love for all breeds big and small! Payton comes to us from a small town in Southwest Virginia called Hurley although she now resides in Concord, NC with her husband, miniature Pinscher called Brandy and Binx the cat! In her free time Payton enjoys reading and travelling to new places.

Tazzy & Boo - We could not leave out the stars!

Tazzy & Boo!Indeed the stars of the show are our own Bernese Mountain Dogs, Tazzy & Boo!

Sisters Tazzy and Boo were born in the county of Kent, just South of London in the UK - Tazzy in February 2014 and Boo in June 2015. We are often asked where their names come from and what they mean... truth is we have no idea, we just called them that! In fact Boor was very nearly called ‘Bear’ which stuck with our youngest daughter who to this day calls her ‘Boo-Bear’!

Tazzy is the more mischievous of the two and will happily stick her head in a bin looking for anything food related... she’s mad on eggs too, even raw in their shells! Oddly enough, Boo loves eating too and loves chewing on bones. Their absolute favourite food though is simple raw meat, especially from Primal which they really enjoy.

They both absolutely love a cuddle, although prefer to sit on you rather than next to you! They can always be found either leaning up against one of us or sat on our feet... nice in the winter!

Both of them coped very well with the journey to the USA and they really enjoy it here, they seem to love the American accents of the dogs next door! They especially love all the attention they get here from everyone they meet. And they are fans of the US Weather, they both hated the British rain!

Tazzy & Boo

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