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Natural leaders in Pet Foods

Tazzy & Boo leads the way in natural pet food. We're revolutionizing how people feed their dogs and cats providing quality, natural pet food, made with the best natural ingredients to nourish healthier, happier pets. We only sell products that we would happily feed to Tazzy & Boo our two beloved Bernese Mountain dogs.

Some of the Biologically Appropriate Real/Raw Food (BARF) and high meat content ranges that Tazzy and Boo recommend.

These foods bring massive health benefits to your dogs and cats. Improved behavior, increased energy levels, alertness and appetite are just some of the many advantages of giving your pets a more natural diet. And they'll go wild for it!

Online Store Open NOW!Our online store will offer a 'click and collect' service where you can buy your pet foods and supplies online and then come and collect them from our store - ample parking - no delivery fees and better still yet we help you with your bags!

Please Note: our online store uses it's own Shopping Cart different to the Cart we use for taking Bookings for Grooming, Dog Walking and Pet Sitting.

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