About Us

An Introduction...

Lewella Long owner of Tazzy & Boo LLC and her husband Richard have been giving advice to pet owners since 1992 when they started their successful pet food business in the United Kingdom.

Recognized for their specialist pet care knowledge and advice, Lewella and Richard have worked with pretty much all of the large pet food companies in both Europe and around the World. Pet industry peers have considered them to be one of the most experienced independent pet food retailers over the last 25 years.

During those 25 years they have also owned and loved three Lakeland Terriers, three Great Danes, a German Shepard and six cats... it's fair to say they take their work home with them! Their current canine companions are their beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs, Tazzy and Boo.

Basically Lewella and Richard ONLY sell products in their store that they themselves would be happy for Tazzy & Boo to eat! With their extensive background knowledge you can be more than confident that they know what they are talking about!

Our Experience & Knowledge

Over the last few years we noticed that many of the large name pet food manufacturers were changing the ingredients in their food. We looked further into what these manufacturers were doing and were horrified by what we saw. Simply put, many manufacturers were basically reducing the meat content and overall quality of their products... and there was only one reason for this - money. The evidence was clear that to some manufacturers, making money has become more important to them than the welfare of your pets. This behavior is nothing short of exploitative of both pets and pet owners.

We also noticed the effects on our own dogs, the condition of their skin, coats and their general lack of wellbeing. We decided that a change was required so we moved Tazzy & Boo to a Biologically Appropriate Real Food Diet (BARF) and they have never looked better!

Our investigation into what the large name companies were doing and the phenomenal change in our dogs' health and vitality inspired the creation of Tazzy & Boo. It's our aim to highlighting the lower quality ingredients of many of the larger manufacturer's products. Our aim is to move customers towards feeding more as nature intended and we offer this 100% steadfast guarantee - We will only sell foods that we would be happy to feed to our own dogs - Tazzy & Boo!

Looking at Ingredients

Inside the Tazzy & Boo Store we have clearly displayed product ingredients so that you know exactly what is in the foods you are buying and on our website we have done the same thing, breaking down the waffle and displaying you ingredients and analysis separately for you to view. We want to help you understand the products you are feeding your pets... it is about making it simple for you to make the right choices.

Difficult to Read Ingredients

It is very difficult to work out from the packaging how much meat is in the food. Even when you do find the information, usually it is on an obscure part of the pack, it is often in small print and hard to see a version in plain English.

Pet food manufactures have to keep to a 'minimum percentage' guidelines on their labelling. If the packaging says 'Chicken, Fish & Rice', the named meat content needs to be a minimum of 25% but the other ingredients named in the title only have to be 3%! If it says chicken 'flavored' that is even worse - guidelines essentially say it must contain an amount that is sufficient to be detected - all very complicated and incredibly misleading.

Natural Pet Foods

We have sourced the most extensive range of natural, high meat content, grain-free, organic, Biologically Appropriate Real/Raw Foods in the area. We have a new way of thinking in the interests of pet welfare, making sure you only feed quality products that are beneficial to your pets. We know from experience that the results you will see will be especially rewarding.

Specialist Pet Food Manufacturers

We like to support smaller producers as we know the commitment and values they put into their products which are often many, many times better than the larger producers. This matches the passion and energy we put into our business. Natural is best for your pet. We look forward to being able to recommend a natural diet we would happily feed to Tazzy & Boo and your pet will be healthy and thrive on. Are you a quality pet food producer... tell us about your products here: info@tazzyandboo.com

Specialist Dog Grooming Facilities

Although we are passionate about pet nutrition we are also aware that healthy skin and coats is not just down to excellent nutrition - regular grooming from a young age really helps to keep your pet's skin and coat in excellent condition, reducing matting and knots as well as tackling fleas and ticks that can be especially troublesome for pets that enjoy the great outdoors the States has to offer!

For this very reason we thought it made sense to create a one-stop-shop for pet health and vitality - combining great, natural foods with an easy way to keep your dog or cat groomed all under one roof! By hiring some of the best professional Groomers & Bathers in the area, our new store provides you with a great self-dog wash facility created to put the fun back into bathing your dog. It’s about having a fun experience that will leave you and your dog looking forward to your next visit!

And, for when you don't have time our groomers and bathers are on hand to do the job for you! With over 20 years of combined experience so you can be assured your pet will be in the best of hands and will receive the very best care while at Tazzy & Boo!

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

One thing many of us are losing more and more of these days is time... sometimes you just not have enough free-time to be able to do everything you want to. However try explaining to your dog that you need to work on a report tonight and therefore can't go out for a long walk! Or try and tell the cat that you need to go away overnight for an out of town appointment the following morning!

This is where our Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services can help. All our Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters have at least one year of professional dog walking experience and go through the PSI’s Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting & Walking Program while in our employment. It is important that we give you piece of mind that we are reliable, trust worthy and caring.

All in all Tazzy & Boo aims to be a fantastic one-stop-shop for all your pets needs from food to grooming to care... whatever you need for your pet, think TAZZY & BOO!

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