Dog Bathing & Grooming

Tazzy & Boo Grooming & Bathing Price ListWe offer both Dog Washing & Dog Grooming in store including - Self-Wash Stations, Professional Dog Bathing and Professional Dog Grooming...

Self-Wash Stations

Our self-wash stations can actually be a lots of fun for both your and your dog and offer you a convenient, all in one solution for bathing your furry friend without the hassle of a soaking wet bathroom floor! No need to book and we provide everything you need including aprons, towels, brushes, combs and a dryer. Plus each service level is provided with fantastic natural products from Earthbath®, the totally natural pet care company.

Professional Dog Bathing

Although our Self-Wash Stations are fantastic and take a lot of the stress out of bathing your dog, sometimes time is against you and you could really do with a hand. That's where our Professional Dog BathingService can help. Your dog will be scrubbed and polished by our professionally trained Dog Bathers using fantastic natural products from Earthbath® so not only will your dog be clean, they will smell great too!

Professional Dog Grooming

Our professional groomers have years of experience grooming all kinds of dogs from Chihuahuas to Newfoundlands. Take the stress out of grooming and give your dog a treat they will love with a full nose-to-tail pamper session!

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