Tazzy & Boo Dog Walking Service

We will take your dog for a great walk or have some fun in your own back yard for a full 30 minutes. We ensure they will get all the exercise, fun and love they need to keep them happy while you are away from them. Importantly we don't group walk dogs from different owners. We will make our service safe and exclusive, giving you dog our undivided attention from the same dog walker on every occasion. As standard we will clean paws and make them presentable and change water as we understand you won't want to clean the house when you arrive home! We will even send you a video of your fury friend every time we visit.

25 Years Experience

With over 25 years in the pet trade the owners of Tazzy & Boo LLC have also lived with and loved three Lakeland Terriers, three Great Danes, one German Shepard, five cats and our two current beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs, Tazzy & Boo.

PSI Certified - Making you Confident

Tazzy & Boo are Members of the Professional Pet Sitting & Walking Program, providing our staff with the most comprehensive educational program available in the pet-walking industry. Tazzy & Boo seeks to equip staff with the educational foundation necessary to be the most professional Dog Walkers in the industry.

We are committed to continuous professional education, and we believe that our quality staff produces the skill sets our customers need to provide the most responsible pet care for their pets.


Tazzy & Boo Walking & Sitting Price ListTo keep things simple we offer simple services as follows:

  • 30 Minute - Walk on Leash - $18.97

    A fun filled walk around your home area on a leash with plenty of 'sniff stops' and water provided.
  • 30 Minute - Backyard Fun - $18.97

    A full half hour of fun, play & exercise in your own backyard, water provided.
  • 15 Minute - Backyard Fun - $14.97

    A 15 minute walk around your local neighborhood or fun in your own backyard, water provided.
  • MULTI Packages - Walk & Backyard Fun from - $10.61

    Save money with our Multiple Daily Visit Packages - we can even tailor any package for you to schedule a regular daily walk or visit while you are at work!
  • TAILORED Packages - THE perfect solution

    Although we try to offer all the services you might want we understand that you might want something a little different! Whatever you are looking for - maybe a week of walks including overnight stays finished off with a pampering Doggie Spa, just let us know and we'll put together a competitive price for you! Contact us at: bookings@tazzyandboo.com

Convenient online booking

You can book on our convenient online booking system. If it is your first booking we will arrange a home visit and find out all your requirements. We either give you a security key box or collect a door key so we can gain access to your property - keys will be kept fully secure. If you have any difficulties booking please contact us.

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